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  Electricity metering panels

Electric shields having single-phase and triphase automatic switches, contactors, cutout groups, prefatory switches or automatic switches according to the electric diagram set by a user. The strength of prefatory commutative device should be up to 600 amperes, the strength of distributing device – up to 400 amperes. The required quantity dependant on the current - up to 50 units.
Low - tension distributional appliances are substation distribution devices made of four separate cabinets, which are prefatory, sectional, linear and of jet-propulsion compensation. The quantity of cabinets and filling adjusted to the project of a user. Commutative devices, that is, automatic switches should be of strength up to 4000 amperes, switch – cutout units – up to 1250 amperes, while cutout groups should be of strength up to 660 kilowatts.